Sunsets and sunrises of 2015

The best thing I started doing last year was documenting beautiful sunsets and sunrises. I didn’t do it nearly enough, I realise now, because it brings me such joy to look at these again.

There is something magical about sunsets, and about being outside when the sun sets – and I miss it. But sunsets are beautiful from windows or in the fresh air.

The joy I feel from them is a continuous line from my West Texas childhood, where the skies are so large – my first photography project in junior high was of a person looking into a sunset.

This joy continues through my college days, and evenings of working late on the student newspaper, in wrong-temperatured rooms with scraps of pizza ground into chairs and couches.

It bittersweet when it reminds me of Ben, who loved sunsets and who I always think of and miss when I look at these – but who reminds me to love and value these fleeting moments.

I feel privileged to live in England now, where these magical moments come at radically different times over the course of the year: 8 a.m. (or later) sunrises and 3 p.m. sunsets in winter, compared to 4 a.m. sunrises and 10 p.m. sunsets in summer.

I remember each of these moments: many of the sunset pictures were taken with a smirk or a sigh about the day (last year was rough), and many of the sunrises inspired hope or new resolutions.

I also remember the guilt and awe I had when I took the pictures. Many times, I thought: “Am I destroying this moment by capturing it? Does this reduce my present joy?” But, looking back on them, they are such a comfort to me – like a little reminder that the sun sets and rises and each of the emotions I was feeling when I took the picture has passed, and come back and passed again, and however overwhelmed or joyful I felt then, things have moved on.

So, here they are, with minimal annotations (NB – these are not good photographs, but I haven’t used filters either – colors are original):

01 2015 sunrise

January – sunrise (barely) – London


01 2015 sunset

January – sunset – London


02 2015 sunset Louisiana 2

February – sunset – Louisiana


02 2015 sunset Louisiana 3

February – sunset – Louisiana


02 2015 sunset Louisiana

February – sunset – Louisiana


02 2015 sunset Savannah

February – sunset – Savannah, Georgia


03 2015 sunrise 2

March – sunrise – London


03 2015 sunrise 3March – sunrise – London


03 2015 sunriseMarch – sunrise – London


03 2015 sunrset

March – sunset – train from London to Exeter


03 2015 sunset

March – sunset – London (Canary Wharf)


04 2015 sunrset Kosovo

April – sunset – Kosovo


04 2015 sunset

April – sunset – London


05 2015 sunrise VA

May – sunrise – Virginia


06 2015 sunset

June – sunset – London (Canary Wharf)


08 2015 sunset

August – sunset – London


09 2015 sunset

September – sunset – Exeter


10 2015 sunset

October – sunset – London


11 2015 sunset Ukraine

November – sunset – Kyiv, Ukraine


11 2015 sunrise

November – sunrise – London


12 2015 sunrise Manchester

December – sunrise – Manchester


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