Comments on Dokei, a play at The Lion and Unicorn


Last night I went to the opening night of the play “Dokei“, produced by my friend and ex-colleague Michelle. This is a short review because I don’t know a lot about how to write a review for a play.

The play is clearly a unique and compelling piece, partly because of its clear feminist and minority point of view on an interesting period of history. Many people have written about early Dutch explorers in Japan, but usually from the Dutch men’s point of view. This play flips that on its head in a unique way, but not a patronising way.

The acting by Jung Sun den Hollander is impressive as well – she is continually engaging and manages to switch between different ages of the character in a impressive way, and maintains a high level of energy and amusement for the scenes where she is a younger woman. Plus, she is personally impressive: she wrote the play, arranged for funding for it and (by all accounts) has been organised and thorough in getting it to stage.

Overall, a very impressive play, and reminded me I need to get out and see new plays more often.


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