Thoughts on watching Something, Anything

I just watched my friend Ashley’s film (she is the producer), Something, Anything. Here’s a trailer (hope this works):

Something, Anything – Trailer from Self-Reliant Film on Vimeo.

This is not going to be much of a review, although there are other really fantastic reviews for the film out there (like this one in New York Times). This is really more of a love letter to my friend, and an endorsement of the path and voice that she has found in her life (not just in relation to this film but more broadly).

We met when we shared a room studying abroad, and bonded over a love of poetry, mail from friends, experiences of breakups and her willingness to listen to Dar Williams. I feel completely fortunate to have had her as a roommate in that weird semester in Warsaw, and as a correspondent and sometimes-in-person friend since then.

This film is beautiful and mesmerizing, and I’ve had a really powerful emotional reaction to the journey that the lead character makes in the film. It tugs at something I feel a lot of the time: that my life is too complicated, or I am on the wrong career track, or something more nameless than any of that, and all I really need to do is move to a monastery for 6 months or go to a mountain and watch fireflies. I feel all of these things and do not do anything about them (for a number of reasons: these are not the only things I feel about my life, and I also like to buy a lot of books and be busy and learn things at my job).

The film is not about me, of course. But this is just a review about how I have responded to it. It is a good crystallisation of a positive journey and inner strength. And it manages to pack in an enormous amount of questioning into a script without much dialogue.

So that’s my Sunday rambling for the week, and what I will be spending time to be with, thinking and feeling and musing about … instead of working and preparing for the week ahead.


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