Things I’m adding to my to-read list

I love adding things to my Goodreads list, even when I know that, even now, I will probably never read everything on that list. I also love writing reviews of things I have read. I love reading, and I love talking about reading. (My husband calls me a book proselytizer.) So here’s what I’m adding today. Would love to hear from others on their recent adds.


1) Mia Couto.

Based at least partially on this quote:

The old man approached slowly as was his custom. He had shepherded his sadness before him ever since his youngest sons had left the road to no return.

2) The DFW book on rap

(if it’s not already on my list, along with everything else he wrote)


3) Ciarán Carson

after this Teju Cole Twitter question (I love hearing what other people are obsessed with)


4) Eduardo Galeano’s Children of the Days



5) Howard Norman’s I Hate To Leave This Beautiful Place

(Also NYT)


6) I wish I could add Daniel Schoonebeek


7) Joanna Hershon’s Dual Inheritance

(The Millions)


Stuff I’m not yet putting on my list: the Booker Prize nominees. I have only read the Ruth Ozeki book (which I loved), and started but didn’t get into Transatlantic. Have you read them?


One thought on “Things I’m adding to my to-read list

  1. The DFW book on rap is supposed to be great. I want to read Transatlantic, but not until it comes out in paperback or the main library here on campus gets a copy. Also I want to read Eduardo Galeano, too.

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