Review: Lost and (by Jeff Griffen)

I got this book free through NetGalley, and I read it quickly on the train yesterday. Griffen is a poet and has arranged a collection of photographs, letters, poems and other texts (to use the word as broadly as possible) that he found in the desert in the US. It is an intriguing collection, and some of the finds are incredible – I don’t know how long he took to compile this extraordinary set of texts.

I enjoyed the book, but I don’t think that it will stay with me very long. I have enjoyed other similar endeavours, such as Found Magazine and others.The thing that differentiates Lost and from those other “found item” collections is that this one is less interested, perhaps, in irony – although there is some humour to the collection – and more interested in loneliness, desolation and humanity. I enjoyed this, and I found it to be more earnest than a lot of what you can do with found items, but I still felt that it was not an entirely new concept.

Thus, whilst this is a more curated book than that magazine and other similar endeavours, I am not sure that it will stick with me. I would have liked to hear more of Griffen’s voice – but he clearly has a good eye for the deeply human, so I will keep following what he puts out.

More info on the book is here.


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