The charming Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

I already loved Adichie before I saw her in person at Bookslam. I really loved her book Half of a Yellow Sun – I think I read it before I started writing reviews on Goodreads, so I don’t have a review. Basically, I liked it because I liked Nigeria, and I like the country and the very vibrant people. I thought that book helped me to get in their heads – not just through emotional storylines or “the personal”, but through history.

(I think if you compare her to the author of Ghana Must Go, Taiye Selasi, who I do like and respect, what you get with Adichie is a richer, more multi-layered story of human and political life.)

Anyway, now I can love her even more because she is everywhere this week/weekend. This interview on, this by Bookdwarf, this in the New York Times… My husband bought this book, and it is in my London flat. Probably I should steal it.


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