John Burnside has a book of stories

I read books because I like the cover, or because I read about them somewhere, or because the fact that the book won a prize is advertised on the front cover. That’s basically why I bought John Burnside’s book of poems last year, Black Cat Bone: it had won the TS Eliot Prize, and it says so in a little box on the cover. This tactic of book-choosing generally works pretty well, and it did in this case.The writing in this book is spare, but beautiful, with eye-catching beginnings, like this one to “On the Fairytale Ending”:

Begin with the fend-for-yourselfof all the loves you learned about
in story books;

and this one, from “Creaturely”:

The only gift is knowing we belong
to nothing.

(The rest of the poems are good too.)

In short, I really liked BCB, and I decided I wanted to watch Burnside’s career progress. So I did what I do with everything else I don’t know how to remind myself to follow: I set up a Google alert.

That Google alert brings in some weird stuff, but it also brought this great Economist review of a new book of short stories by Burnside, which I am very excited about.


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