Read this: NYT on George Saunders

I read this article yesterday, and loved it. More things to add to the reading list!

Although, I also take the point raised on this blog/Twitter tirade, and agree with it – but am perhaps too used to not seeing women mentioned in American literature.


One thought on “Read this: NYT on George Saunders

  1. I am lucky enough to know Dan Chaon, writer and school fellow of George Saunders, who turned me on to CivilWarland in Bad Decline, and have read everyting he’s written since. Chaon and his wife were lining me up to go to Syracuse to study with him, but I went to Alaska, or something. My loss. That NY Times pieces was so well done. Wanted to cut out the part about bombing little brown people and send it to this Pakistani woman I’m working with on a book of poetry, and trying to get her to the states. She is amazed to correspond with an American who isn’t a violent, jingoistic lout, and I’m amazed she chose to allow me to work with her beautiful words about being demonized.

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